Why choose us

You know your business. And you want to work with people who know what they are talking about, who enjoy working with you and are determined to realize results.

Our expertise is best used in services industries and we specialize in the energy industry. Our focus is on strategy and the translation thereof into customer experience. We like to work with you, but not on the same question twice. So we deliver and we hand over. Not only documents, but also insight into our approaches and our resources. To us, this makes perfect sense; we help our customers to learn and improve so that hopefully, they will have interesting follow-up questions for us!

  • We have been there, too
  • We want results, like you do
  • We enjoy a challenge

Strategy development

Would you like to define your strategic goals and give direction to your marketing and operational plans? We can help you formulate your mission, vision, strategic goals and planning.  Together with you and your team members, we discuss your organization’s strong points, expected impact of market developments, relevant stakeholders, strategic focus points, and actions.  In 1-3 days, or in a series of sessions during several weeks. The result? A businessplan that can be used as a guideline and touch stone, and an action with which you immediately start going.

Market analysis

Do you want a quick yet thorough overview of a particular industry or market? We are good at finding, analyzing and structuring information and we love puzzling and finding solutions. With our already available information, reports and inside information that you have, combined with internet resources. Scope and timing to be discussed, of course. The result? A report or presentation, with recommendations and references, as well as the underlying documentation.

Strategic writing

Are you looking for someone to convert existing information and plans into a well-written integrated business plan, or other strategy document? We interview the relevant people, read the already available information, write a document  and ask you to review. Within a few days’ work (often longer throughput time, though, due to busy schedules of our interviewees) and 2-3 revision rounds. The result: a well-written document, clear and concise, in Word or Powerpoint.

Project management

Would you like to have an experienced project manager -who can interact both with service engineers and members of the Board of Directors- to manage your strategically important project for you? Perhaps we can help. We work with your team and you to define and execute the project plan. The result? Motivated team members, who deliver the project according to requirements.

Tender management

This tender….important, but you cannot give it the attention it requires? We have experience in managing commercial tender as well as large subsidy request projects. We define our strategic approach together with you and your team. We ensure that all content delivered is aligned, the final offer is checked for feasibility with your organization, and is compliant with the tender requirements. The result: your organization’s best offer, delivered in time and according to specs.

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