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Wendy Dubbeld


We might be working together.

Chances are you ended up here because you can use help with defining strategic goals, doing market analysis, writing strategy documents, checking organizational impact, or managing your strategic projects. When you choose to work with DubbelDwars Advies, we will work together. So to help you decide whether or not we will be a good match, here’s more information on me -Wendy.

So, would I be a good fit with you and your project?

Most of my childhood, I was reading, writing, drawing, ‘making things’ and solving problems. As a student, I told my parents that I wanted to be able to connect people and their ideas, bridge gaps between salespeople and engineers. Also, I wanted to travel, ‘do good’ and help people, and continue to learn new things every day. In the more than 25 years that passed since then, I realized all of these things and I am still adding new experiences. What might be interesting for you to know is, I have:

  • A background in strategy and marketing: I have executed and managed market analyses and business intelligence projects, participated in many marketing and strategy projects, wrote numerous business plans and helped teams define their strategic goals.
  • Combined with process, systems and financial insight: often, I operated where strategy, marketing, processes, systems and finances meet.
  • Hands-on experience: I worked in different roles with service engineers, market analysts, project managers, trainers, legal advisors, strategists, process managers and team managers on various levels and in many different projects.
  • Combined with academic insights: I am doing PhD research on learning in the context of client-consultant interaction.

So what are the talents and skills that helped me achieve results:

  • Analyze and structure: I love to dig my way through piles of information, solve complex puzzles and structure lines of thought.
  • Communicate: clear, concise, structured and sensible are key words for documents that I write based on your input and my own knowledge and experience.
  • Connect people and ideas: being an analytical optimist who is convinced that things can be done or changed, I always see what (sometimes little) similarities there are.
  • Enthuse and encourage: helping others accomplish results and making them see and do what they are capable of puts a smile on my face that stays there for a long time.

Having my own company allows me to be there for my customers and work on challenging projects with great people, while at the same time combining this with all the other things that I love doing. To mention a few: travel, sculpting, yoga and fitness, my volunteer work as board member of the local municipality hall and in projects for Sailwise, and my PhD research. Fortunately, I have a great husband who loves a busy-bee!

Should you want to read my formal resume after this quick glance, please look at my LinkedIn page.

  • 1. Analyze and structure

  • 2. Communicate

  • 3. Connect people and ideas

  • 4. Enthuse and encourage

My Portfolio

Product design workshops

Product design workshops for a Dutch supplier of (energy) infrastructures. 2011


Bidmanagement for a European smart metering software company. 2012-2013

Market analysis and business plan

Market analyses, business plan and suggestions for optimization for University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 2014-2015

Innovation strategy

Innovation strategy for a European energy company. 2013-2014